We catch the wonder,
and integrate the fun,
in every game we make.

Outact is an independent game studio founded in 2014. We are a team of veteran developers with decades of experience in building AAA quality online games on multiple platforms.

Core Technology and
IP Development

Accomplished team in all aspects of design, art, programming, and ops for creating our own stories and worlds, or those of our partners.

Best Practices in
Mobile Apps

Experienced in multiple platforms, we focus on mobile and F2P games from back-end server to front-end game engine and user experience.

US / China
Development Presence

Established in two premier gaming markets, we understand both western and eastern cultures.
Boston • SF • Changzhou • Xiamen

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is a tactical online game where you summon heroes, recruit troops, battle against intruders, and forge alliances to destroy your common enemies. Wartide’s unique pre-battle deployment gives you options for creating different formations with your army. Plan your every move and reclaim the long-lost throne of Atlantis!


Wartide features a massive scale of troops maximizing player experience on a small screen.


Unique pre-battle deployment system differentiates offensive and defensive formations. Every battle is a challenging puzzle to solve.


Hero led armies, with special abilities, turn the tide of battle in real time. Collect various heroes and troops for your special combat mix.


Chat, Arena and alliances allow players to communicate, share battle replays and help each other on challenges.

Outact Studio embodies creativity, technical prowess, business wisdom and common sense because of the talented and experienced people who love creating and playing games.

The Team

Xiang ShenCo-Founder and CEO

Xiang is a game industry veteran and pioneer. Prior to founding Outact, he was the Technical Director at ROBLOX where he led the multiplayer engine development fueling ROBLOX's massive success. Previously, as Server Team Lead at Tencent Boston, he managed game server development and operations. He also served in various engineer positions at EA and Ubisoft on numerous AAA titles. Xiang holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Management from Harvard University, a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Nanjing University.

Paul ChieffoCo-Founder and COO

Paul has more than 30 years of experience in technology development, technical leadership, and entrepreneurship. Prior to Outact, he was one of the founding partners of Tencent Boston. At Tencent, he built and led an international team in the development of client and server technology for several large online games. Before joining Tencent, Paul was a co-founder of Iron Lore Entertainment and the Technical Director for the company.
He built the team and led the development of the Iron Lore’s cutting-edge and fully featured game engine. He also contributed directly to the engine’s development, writing most of the multi-player and networking code.

Eric CampanellaStudio Art Director

Eric has over 20 years of experience in the game industry working in various art disciplines. He has held senior roles at several major studios including Electronic Arts, Activision, Interplay, Iron Lore, and Tencent Boston -creating art and animation for titles such as Planescape: Torment, Call of Duty 2 – Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Command and Conquer: Generals, the Icewind Dale series, and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2. He managed animation and FX for Happy Giant Studios on multiple internal and external projects, and prior to this, he led the animation and FX for Stomp Games and launched Robot Rising, a mid-core social game.

Chris DuguayTechnical Director

Chris has over 25 years experience as a software engineer, with nearly 20 of those years in game development. Prior to Outact, he worked at Tencent Boston (Stomp Games) where he lead a group of game-play engineers developing an online ARPG and a MMO ARPG. At Iron Lore Entertainment he worked as a senior engineer developing the ARPG Titan Quest and the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion. Before entering game development, Chris was an embedded software engineer working on networking products for 3Com and Amber Wave Systems. Over his career, Chris has assisted in the start-up of four companies and the growth of their engineering teams.

Gun XuGeneral Manager and Technical Director (China)

Gun serves as General Manager and Technical Director for Outact's China team. He has been a hardcore game developer for more than 10 years with experience from PC MMORPGs to mobile games. Prior to joining Outact, Gun was Engineering Director of Metal Rabbit Games where he built a team of eight engineers and led the development of two mobile game titles. Prior to that, Gun worked as a senior software engineer at Tencent and Kingsoft on several online AAA titles.

Rex LinEngineering Director (China)

Rex has over 15 years of professional experience in online game development with credits for seven different titles. Prior to Outact, he worked as a lead server engineer at Tencent, developing MMORPGs and strategy web games. Before joining Tencent he was the Technical Director of Binary Digital, where he led a group of client and server engineers developing an online MMORPG. Earlier in his career Rex worked in different engineering roles at Pioneersoft.

Keith ZizzaAudio Director

As an Audio Director, Keith owns all music and sound effects of Outact games. He is a Professor of Game Audio for Worcester Polytechnic’s Video Game Development Program, and has also written and taught game audio courses for Berklee College of Music and Boston University. Prior to Outact, Keith was the Audio Director for Tilted Mill Entertainment and Sierra, and has more than 20 years of industry experience on over 50 shipped titles including Marvel Puzzle Quest, Bioshock Infinite, SimCity Societies, Pharaoh, Zeus, Lords of Magic, and The Oregon Trail.

Michael BermanSenior Systems Designer

Michael Berman is a dedicated professional with over 10 years of game design and development experience. As a creative and technical designer with a strong background in game art production, versatility and adaptability is a key strength in his design capabilities. Focusing on systems and game balance, Michael ensures that game challenge is appropriately tuned to the player’s expectation. He has a constant ear to the ground to assess the player experience through qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Andrew BoetsmaLead Animator

Andrew is Outact’s Lead Animator and has been animating professionally for more than 10 years. He has worked in television and gaming, but his true passion lies with games. Prior to Outact, Andrew worked at several different studios and animated on titles such as SOMA and Spider-Man Unlimited.

Sean HigginsLead Concept Artist

Sean is Lead Concept Artist for Outact and WarTide. Before Outact, Sean co-founded S2 Design Company. He has done work for various companies including Present Creative, Laika, Liquid Development. Prior to his entry into the Concept Art and Design field he received dual degrees in Architectural Design and Fine Arts.

Dana LoudLead Artist

Dana has 10 years of experience as a professional environment artist spanning a variety of industries including games, academia, and the defense industry. He’s taught a variety of courses in Game Art at Mount Ida College and Boston University. Prior to Outact, Dana was the principal environment artist on Turbine’s Game of Thrones: Conquest game. Other titles include Lord of the Rings Online and Infinite Crisis.

Athena AndersonQA Lead

Athena has worked in the game industry for nearly 20 years with companies such as Neopets, Sony Online Entertainment, and Blizzard Entertainment, with credits on over a dozen titles. She has a strong background in games testing and writing, troubleshooting issues and producing content that helps bring great experiences to users.
She is passionate about a wide range of game industry history, genres, gameplay dynamics, intrinsic game design, audience demographics, and industry events. Her favorite game is Ghost Trick and she loves Persona, Pokemon, and Ace Attorney. She is a mythic raider in World of Warcraft and is painfully addicted to Heroes of the Storm. Athena has an extensive collection of pop-culture, games, and anime plushes and figurines.

Nolan AldridgeAssociate Producer & Community Manager

While attending Becker College Nolan was the marketing director for the schools top game production program and lead the team responsible for the most popular and profitable game in the programs history as well as several other published projects. During that time he oversaw all social media and community activities for said projects. He also has 5 years of community building and management experience through a successful YouTube channel he built and runs himself.

Austin WidmyerAsscociate FX Artist

At Michigan State University, Austin served as the sole FX artist for the school's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab. There, he worked on various educational mobile and VR games, as well as Plunder Panic, which the University received the audience choice award for at IndieCade and presented the game at PAX East. He also worked as a teaching assistant for the school's 3D art program, where he assisted the professor in the instruction of basic 3D animation, rigging, texturing, and modeling.

Shao GeSenior Engineer

Shao has been an avid game developer for many years. His work spans from front-end to game-play programming. He likes working on things which combines Chinese and western cultures.

Arison LuoProgrammer

Arison fell into love with game development since he was in college. He developed many indie games using Unity and cocos-2dx and he even made a game for his graduation project.
Prior to Outact, he worked as a Unity engineer on front-end and UI architect. He likes running and painting.

Fan YoungProject Manager

Ryan is Project Manager for Outact and Wartide. He has over 10 years work experience. Prior to Outact, he was an operation manager at the China office of Ascent Solar. As a game and movie enthusiast, he changed his career path to game industry and now he is more focused on mobile games and animation.

Yijun HuangAssociate Producer

"Energetic and organized, full of my passion in game. Take my time and enjoy the life."

Sheng YanCustomer Service Specialist

Michael Yan works as specialist of customer service and community building for Outact’s China team.

Weiwei WangCustomer Service Specialist

"Interest is the best teacher, I love game. Lucky to join in the team since I graduated from school. I wish I would grow up with the team."

Leon HuArt Manager

Family man.
Huge fan of Blizzard.
Love sports.

Lixia Zhu3D Modeler

Lixia has been working in gaming industry as a 3D modeler for many years. She enjoys playing games with beautiful graphic and characters. She also likes watching anime and collecting One-Piece action figures. Sometimes she likes making BJD toys.

Qicheng JiangLead Modeler

Qicheng has participated in many first party and third party game projects from mobile to VR with many years of modeling experience. He loves strategy games and role-playing games and currently he's interested in watching live streaming.

Jiaoqi JiangFX Artist

Jiaoqi is an all-time FX artist. Prior to Outact, she worked for Shanghai Diandianle, making female games. After work, she loves spending time at home, watching various animations, playing kawaii games, and having fun with her little cutie (a dog).

Yuefei ShenAnimator

"As an animator, fortunately I’ve been involved in many famous AAA games since I started my career. However, this cannot stop my pursuit of animation! I’m very motivated to face different kinds of challenges.
I like working on monsters the most. They make me feel excited and inspiring. Woo ah ah, let’s bite the enemies and tear them into pieces."

Peony PengSenior Web Designer

Peony has rich experience in graphic design, web design, and front-end development. She also likes writing code. She smiles a lot and enjoys her life. She believes continuous learning makes one better.

Jimmy GuSenior Programmer

Traditional programmer in China. Like music, like playing games, like challenges.
Jimmy has years of experience in game, web, mobile, and VR/AR/MR development. He's a full-stack engineer and he thinks language should never be a barrier!

Wei LiGame Programmer

Wei took up an internship in Outact and then became a full-time Software Engineer for Wartide after graduation. He used to be an enthusiastic gamer which believes in team work and now he's a dedicated game programmer who's still a believer in team work.

Tony WongSenior Programmer

Tony is a long time game programmer with over a decade experience in both PC and mobile game development, from MMORPG to first person shooter. he likes watching movies and playing video games.

Jianghua FanSoftware Engineer

Jianghua has been occupied in mobile game development for 4 years. He has participated in designing and developing 6 mobile titles. He strives for crafting games that can stimulate human’s potential and bring people happiness.

Abel YaoGame Programmer

Abel is a crazy gamer. When he was in college he got hooked on game development. After graduation he became a full-time engineer on Wartide project.

IceQuality Assurance

Over 6 years design and QA working experience with projects from web games to mobile games, Ice is working day and night to ensure great user experience of Wartide.

Zoe Zou3D modeler

Huge fan of Blizzard.
Hobby:game, painting, handmade.

Louis LuSenior Programmer

Louis has years of experience in software development. He likes playing games and watching movies in his spare time.

Young WuQuality Assurance

Young was graduated from Macau University Of Science and Technology.He spends most of his spare time in games and enjoys it.He wants to use his passion and activities to create a better user experience of Wartide.

Cong ChengSenior Programmer

With 6 years of experience in game development, he has developed a variety of mobile games and multiplayer LAN online PC games, and participated in the follow-up development of "Need for Speed" mobile game of EA company. Passionate about games and eager for perfection, he is wholeheartedly devoted to exploring intriguing games full of pleasant surprises and making games become the memory of a generation.

Duck LiaoConcept artist

Experienced in mobile moba game development. Love design, love the Pokemon and Borderlands.

Fan LiuQuality Assurance

He likes games and enjoys learning about games. He spends most of his spare time on game. He hopes to make greater efforts and enthusiasm in creating a better Wartide user experience.


Warren loves playing games. When in college, he became obsessed with game development. After graduation, he pursued it and felt passionate about it, and became a game developer at Outact. His constant pursuit is making fun games.


Joey is crazy about games, a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. Attracted by famous game makers’ stories, he started to learn making games when he was in college and felt passionate about it. After graduation, he became a game developer, eager to making great games.


He is a game fan. He likes playing games from an early age. He usually likes to play action games and watch martial arts movies. The sense of refreshing blow makes people blood boiling, which may be the reason why he loves action art.

To make great games we need great talent. Tell us why you are awesome, and send us your bio and portfolio and we’ll contact you if there’s a fit. You can also find all current openings in the link below.

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